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Sloganville, USA Awards

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Best City Mottos

Most Colorful

1st Place: Where Yee-Ha Meets Olé (Eagle Pass, TX)

2nd Place: Named for the Turn of a Card (Show Low, AZ)

3rd Place: The Town Too Tough To Die (Tombstone, AZ)

Most Charming

1st Place: All the Civilization You Need (Pinedale, WY)

2nd Place: Where Horses Have the Right of Way (McKinleyville, CA)

3rd Place: People Say We’re Old-Fashioned. We Hope So. (Virginia City, MT)

Most Fanciful

1st Place: Where the Trout Leap in Main Street (Saratoga, WY)

2nd Place: Lose Your Heart to the Hills (Kerrville, TX)

3rd Place: Where the Stars Come Out to Play (Fort Davis, TX)


1st Place: The Town Without a Frown (Happy, TX)

2nd Place: The Sweetest Place on Earth (Hershey, PA)

3rd Place: Livable, Lovable Lodi (Lodi, CA)


1st Place: Experience Our Sense of Yuma (Yuma, AZ)

2nd Place: You Can Do Better in Cando (Cando, ND)

3rd Place: Time Spent in Timewell is Time Well Spent (Timewell, IL)

Modesty Becomes Us

1st Place: Moves Mountains (Pikeville, KY)

2nd Place: Hip Is Here! (Long Beach, CA)

3rd Place: Live Large. Think Big. (Dallas, TX)

Most Dubious Distinction

1st Place: It’s Not the End of the Earth, But You Can See It From Here (Bushnell, SD)

2nd Place: How About Doin’ Some Time in Leavenworth? (Leavenworth, KS)

3rd Place: Philadelphia Isn’t As Bad As Philadelphians Say It Is (Philadelphia, PA)

Weird & Wacky

1st Place: Where the Odds Are With You (Peculiar, MO)

2nd Place: Keep Austin Weird (Austin, TX)

3rd Place: The Aliens Aren’t the Only Reason to Visit (Roswell, NM)

Big “Wup”

1st Place: Where It’s Good To Be Alive (San Clemente, CA)

2nd Place: The City That Reads (Baltimore, MD)

3rd Place: It’s Good for You (Buffalo, NY)

Strangest Claim to Fame

1st Place: The Town That Made Tulsa Famous (Glenpool, OK)

2nd Place: Town Without a Toothache (Hereford, TX)

3rd Place: Living with a Mystery (Villisca, IA)


Best City Monikers

Most Colorful

1st Place: Whiskers (Crestwood, KY)

2nd Place: City of Witches (Salem, MA)

3rd Place: Baghdad by the Bay (San Francisco, CA)

Most Charming

1st Place: Sparkle City (Spartanburg, SC)

2nd Place: The Old Pueblo (Tucson, AZ)

3rd Place: Winnemucca – City of Paved Streets (Winnemucca, NV)

Most Fanciful

1st Place: The Land of Oz (Liberal, KS)

2nd Place: Home of the Catfish Stomp (Elgin, SC)

3rd Place: La-La Land (Los Angeles, CA)

Don't Confuse Us with That “Other” Place

1st Place: The Mini Apple (Minneapolis, MN)

2nd Place: The Protestant Vatican (Nashville, TN)

3rd Place: The Little Apple (Manhattan, KS)

Modesty Becomes Us

1st Place: Hub of the Universe (Marion, IL and Boston, MA)

2nd Place: Capital of the World (New York, NY)

3rd Place: The Palm Springs of Washington (Yakima, WA)

Most Dubious Distinction

1st Place: Drunk Driving Capital of America (Gallup, NM)

2nd Place: The World’s Largest Chee-to (Algona, IA)

3rd Place: Poison Oak Capital of the World (Forestville, CA)

Most Infamous

1st Place: Sin City (Las Vegas, NV)

2nd Place: Hangtown (Placerville, CA)

3rd Place: The Wickedest Little City in America (Dodge City, KS)

Strangest Claim to Fame

1st Place: Cow Chip Capital (Beaver, OK)

2nd Place: Graveyard of the Atlantic (Cape Hatteras, NC)

3rd Place: The Cherry Pit Spitting Capital of the World (Eau Claire, MI)

Big “Wup”

1st Place: Washington – It’s a Capital City! (Washington, D.C.)

2nd Place: America’s Next Greatest City (Tampa, FL)

3rd Place: America’s Finest City (San Diego, CA)

Most Fun to Pronounce

1st Place: Ra-Cha-Cha (Rochester, NY)

2nd Place: Shampoo-Banana (Champaign-Urbana, IL)

3rd Place: Kazoo or K’Zoo (Kalamazoo, MI)

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