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Tri-Valley, California
Our roots are showing.

Great Destinotions was hired by the Tri-Valley Convention & Visitors Bureau ( to conduct a brand analysis of the region followed by the development of a slogan that reflected its new brand identity.


The Tri-Valley, California region is a triangle-shaped area situated on the east side of San Francisco Bay about 18 miles southeast of Oakland and 33 miles from San Francisco. It spans three adjacent valleys (Amador, Livermore, and San Ramon) and two counties (Alameda and Contra Costa), and is comprised of five main communities (Pleasanton, Livermore, Dublin, San Ramon, and Danville). The population of the Tri-Valley region is more than 300,000.

The Tri-Valley boasts award-winning wineries, championship golf courses, fine dining and shopping, and historic sites and downtowns that combine to make it an enriching, relaxing, and satisfying destination. Fueled by corporate growth, high-tech innovation, and a robust local economy, the region is affluent and continues to grow.


  • To brand the region as an ideal destination for overnight visitors who enjoy superb recreational activities and appreciate high-end amenities.

  • To promise a charming, authentic, and non-commercial experience that cannot be duplicated in nearby Napa Valley and Silicon Valley.

  • To embrace the region’s historic roots, sense of community, and Main Street values.

Strengths & Assets

  • Combines big-time amenities with small town hospitality

  • Less crowded and commercialized than Napa

  • More scenic and relaxing than Silicon Valley

  • Home to 38 award-winning wineries

  • Vital and thriving business hub

  • Authenticity and vintage charm

  • Friendly, laid-back, unpretentious


Although the Tri-Valley has never been known for one thing that has brought it world acclaim like its counterparts in Napa and Sonoma (wine), Silicon Valley (high-tech), San Francisco (culture), or the Sierra foothills (history), it can be argued that the region combines the best of all of these other areas but without the accompanying downsides. It can be just as luxurious but more affordable; just as elegant but more casual; just as self-confident but more genuine. It’s the ideal destination for those who appreciate the niceties and amenities of life but without the high prices and hordes of tourists.

Part of the Tri-Valley’s charm is embodied in its historic downtown areas, which combine prototypical upscale suburban living with an Old West flavor. The region’s sense of community and reliance on Main Street values reflect a personality that is truthful, tolerant, and respectful of tradition. Unencumbered by long lines and over-commercialization, the Tri-Valley promises an intimate and leisurely experience made memorable for its graciousness and the personalized attention shown its guests.

Tagline: “Our Roots Are Showing”

This tagline conveys candor, confidence, and a willingness to reveal the unvarnished truth about itself. The Tri-Valley is proud of its roots — its historic and agricultural past, its close sense of community, and its burgeoning wine industry. These are the roots that embody its unspoiled charm and authentic, small town experience. These roots are visible everywhere: in the region’s modesty and sincerity, its hospitality, and its lack of pretension. The Tri-Valley is the real deal, a “diamond in the rough,” and does not take itself too seriously. In a region whose roots are an honored tradition and reflect its relaxed way of life, the Tri-Valley, California experience can be described as nothing short of enriching and nothing less than authentic.