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Alabama Housing Finance Authority
Come on home, Alabama.

Great Destinotions was hired to conduct a brand audit of The Alabama Housing Finance Authority ( and develop a slogan to reflect its new brand position, message, and/or promise.


The Alabama Housing Finance Authority is a public corporation dedicated to serving the housing needs of low- and moderate-income residents of Alabama by providing affordable financing of safe and sanitary, single- and multi-family housing. Since 1980, the AHFA has served more than 100,000 Alabama families and was the first to offer vacant multi-family units financed with AHFA-administered housing credits for individuals displaced by Hurricane Katrina.


  • To brand the AHFA as an effective, responsible, and caring organization that strengthens communities and improves the lives of individuals.

  • To communicate the long-term benefit of helping people find safe, decent, and affordable housing.

  • To embrace the wishes and dreams of Alabamans in need.

Strengths & Assets

  • Assists low-income borrowers by offering down payment assistance and interest-free loans.

  • Supplies affordable mortgage financing in rural markets.

  • Works in partnership with Habitat for Humanity.

  • Develops programs for non-English speakers and people with mental disabilities.

  • Helps students improve vocational skills in the construction industry.

  • Finds temporary housing for Katrina refugees and other disaster victims.

Tagline: “Come on home, Alabama.”

This tagline is the embodiment of the AHFA’s brand promise, namely, to increase state homeownership and make the housing dreams of Alabamans in need a living reality. The variety and versatility of the loan programs offered by the AHFA have cemented its reputation as a “can-do” organization that not only produces measurable results, but wields tremendous political clout throughout the state. The new slogan focuses on the satisfaction, comfort, and sense of belonging that comes with finding a home, owning a home, and, ultimately, coming home to a place of one’s own.